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Genius Ideas

Licenced with a creative commons licence

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Genius Idea

A community where ideas can be posted under a very liberal creative commons licence.
A seedbed & dumping ground for all your old pictures, songs, and stories. A place for the poems you could never finish, the inventions you’ve conceptualised but never built. This is the community for those who love creativity and ideas, and believe they should be shared rather than limited.

What happens when I post ?

All ideas posted in Genius_Idea become public domain, under the creative commons licence. You retain the right to be recognized as the original progenitor of your idea, and may continue to profit from you use of it. However others are now free to use, develop, and profit from your original concept, provided they credit you. The specific licence used is here, while you'll find the legalese version here.
Please note: This community is currently moderated, so it may take a day or so for ideas you post to display.


  1. All ideas posted must be your own & previously unpublished (commercially).

  2. This is a friends only community, so that everyone who joins must read the terms of the community before posting / developing ideas.

  3. Any user who develops, copys, or utilises an idea (for example in their own journal), without crediting the original creator of the idea will be instantly banned, and may be leaving themselves open to legal action.

  4. Ideas may be withdrawn at any time, however once posted they remain licensed by the creative commons licence. In other words, they remain licensed under a creative commons licence.

  5. Your right to profit from and continue to develop the ideas you post remains unaffected.

  6. Any work based on or developed from an idea posted in this community must be linked to or posted within the community before being published elsewhere (ideally in the comments of the original idea).

  7. All members must post at least one idea within one week of joining.

Format for posting ideas

There are no hard and fast rules, but ideally posts will follow this rough format.

Idea Type:
Idea Author: (Full Name or ljtag)
Any Additional Information:

Ideas accepted..

All original and previously unpublished ideas are accepted. Here are some suggestions.

Any form of fiction incomplete, or finished – an ideal place for collaborative fiction.
Any kind of picture, painting, sketch or visual artwork.
Any song or musical composition, in lyric, notation or audio format.
Novel political, philosophical, mathematical or scientific ideas.
Source code, or computer program ideas.

Don’t let your ideas die ! Let them grow at Genius Idea.

Creative Commons License

All work posted in this community is licensed under a Creative Commons License.